Friday, January 21, 2011

Mission for Family, or Family for Mission?

"My family is my number one ministry."

Have you heard any moms say this before?  Have you ever said it yourself?  I have.  In fact, I was just recently telling a friend that if I don't do my job as a mother then my kids have to become someone else's mission, so I should just do my job as a mom in the first place.

And this is true.  BUUUT...

Should the mission be the means to which my good family is the end?  No.

In the natural living community I have read and seen a lot of moms who are making wonderful choices for their families' diets, apparel, education, and health.  I have also seen and read a lot of moms who, because their family is their number one mission, are focused only inward on their families.  There is nothing wrong with making our families a priority, and we should.  But for the Believing mother, cultured, educated, healthy children is not the end goal.

The end goal is that God's glory would be made known in all nations.  That includes Him being made known in my family, by my children... but it certainly doesn't end there. 

Are you building a mission for your family, or building a family for the mission? 

What if we stopped, as mothers, focusing inward, and started teaching our families to collectively focus outward?  What if our kids could learn from the very beginning that they are part of something bigger than themselves, and that they have a role to play in God's mission?

Would our families look different?  Would our suburban communities look different?  Would our churches look different?  Would we be more effective for the Kingdom of God?

Our homes are only where the mission begins.  "Good" families are not the goal.  Well-rounded children are not the goal.  A pantry full of organic food is not the goal.  The goal is Christ - for as many people as possible.

I would love to hear what you do to turn your family toward the mission!  Let's have a conversation about it, and maybe we can all benefit from hearing others' ideas!

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  1. I came here to learn how to soak flour, but I just want to say thanks for this post! As a mom raising her kids overseas, without access to as many choices about clothing, education, diet, and healthcare, I sometimes feel isolated from my sisters at home who can, at times, seem consumed with researching and discussing and evangelizing about diet and vaccines and etc. I agree that personally raising my kids takes priority over most ministry commitments, especially while they are small. But how I make those decisions for their good has to do with the passions my heart is fixed on. I've even been surprised to see the Father develop them in ways I didn't expect from hard things we've been unable to, or at times chosen not to, protect them from. I think what you're proposing is a small shift on a daily basis, but one that will have huge implications and enable us all as sisters in the body to support and encourage each other in the diverse situations where the Lord has placed us. I am encouraged!


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