Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hold On A Minute...

Yep... you'll have to hold on a minute. I'm excited to announce that Life On Purpose is taking a little R&R. Reason uno - she's getting a face lift. At one of those fancy pants medical spas. We're talking major cosmetic surgery here. Reason B - Tasha has been focusing all her time and energy into getting the house ready for baby number two and she is going a little mad. She was already half way there, so you see the concern.
Posting will be put on hold for a couple weeks. This includes Thirty One Thursdays. I know, bummer. But we'll all be back so soon, and maybe with a newborn in tote. Say a prayer for healthy baby in March!


  1. a healthy baby in march?...but you're not due until april. getting a little eager there?

  2. I found your site looking for 'cookie mix's' I hope you can get back to your blog, I am a fan already.

    in Christ,


  3. Are you okay? Please tell us! I found your blog when looking for info about bread. I'm a great grandmother and I want to know how you're doing! God bless you!

  4. You can email me


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