Thursday, January 28, 2010

Little Bird Thank You

I love giving and receiving homemade cards, and card making is one of my favorite crafts. I don't profess to be a super scrapbooker (which often seems to be coupled with card making), nor do I profess to be a brilliant card maker, but I really enjoy taking the time to do it, which usually leads to a good result. :-) I made a Thank You note today for a friend who came to Maddox's First Birthday party and I've posted a little tutorial below in case anyone out there wants a new idea for a homemade card. It's simple and sweet!

-Envelope you plan to mail/give the card in (any size is fine)
-Piece of scrap fabric at least as big as your envelope
-Piece of cardstock at least as big as your envelope (any color you can write on)
-Embroidery thread in a corresponding (or clashing, it's your card) color
-Markers or a pen to write your note with

First choose and iron your fabric. I chose this vintage style floral print, which I happen to think is completely gorgeous.

Next trace the outline of the envelope onto the cardstock. You'll draw the outline of your card inside the envelope outline to be sure your card will fit well into its envelope.

Now draw the outline of your card. I wanted to draw a bird, but this card can be made in any shape that can be drawn inside the envelope. I googled "bird silhouette" to find a guideline for the shape of my bird. You can also use a stencil.
Draw the outline of your card, cut it out, then trace it onto the fabric with the wrong sides together (back of the fabric meets the back of the cardstock).

Put the cardstock and the fabric together with just a couple drops of glue in between to hold the two pieces in place while you sew them together. Then use the embroidery thread to sew loops all the way around the edges by pushing the needle through both pieces from top to bottom, bringing it around the edge back to the top, and repeating.

Then just write your message on the cardstock and voila! A cute, simple, homemade card to proudly share with a friend!


  1. That is so inspirationally creative! I love getting homemade cards from Grandma Jane - you must've gotten that bug, too. :)

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. First, love the card. Great job! Second, I almost fell out of my chair when you said you googled 'bird silhouette' because just a couple of weeks ago, I too googled that exact phrase. And the bird I picked (for a painting) is almost identical to the one you chose. I made mine a little fatter, since I like squeezy little birds. :o) Just thought that was hilarious. And seriously, love your card.


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