Sunday, October 31, 2010

Toddler Book Review:
All Things Bright and Beautiful
Ashley Bryan

Lately I have been very interested in getting my hands on some more purposeful literature for my toddler. He is now beginning to understand stories, repeat themes, and ask for specific books. Who knew, at only 22 months old, that a child could grasp and retain so much of what is read to him? (You did, ya good mom, you.)

If he can understand the books we're reading, shouldn't I be reading to him the things I want him to learn? "Well of course you should, Tasha!" (Again, you are a fabulous mom who already has these things figured out.) So I've been searching for themes about God's love, kindness, creation, etc. I stumbled upon this wonderful book in the library (that I'm so sad I'll have to return next week) and wanted to share it with you.

All Things Bright and Beautiful, by Ashley Bryan, is literally a BRIGHT and BEAUTIFUL storytelling of Cecil F. Alexander's 19th century hymn, celebrating God's creation and our response. The pages are bursting with colorful, paper-cut scenes, all put together by multi-award winning artist and illustrator, Ashley Bryan. Children go on an adventure over "purple-headed mountains" and along "rivers running by." The images are exciting and the theme is even better, encouraging children that we can see all that the Lord God has made and we can tell of His glory. This book is appropriate for toddlers and younger children, as there is usually only one sentence per page.

This is one book I would highly recommend adding to your collection of toddler faves.


  1. Ashley Bryan was just at the Plum Creek Literacy Festival that I attended. He had great stories to tell and was a very spiritual man. I'm glad you enjoyed his writing.

  2. Oh that's neat, Kristina! I actually don't think he can be called the author of this book, since it's the words to a hymn, but he's the amazing illustrator! I like kids' books. :-)


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